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Learn how to use Jesmonite AC100 to create your own terrazzo accessories with Hey Kiddo Co.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use Jesmonite to create your own terrazzo accessories? Now you can! In my latest Domestika course, I will teach you how to work with Jesmonite to create your own colourful terrazzo designs.

Lucy is stood against a blue backdrop holding a colourful terrazzo pot and lid

I have been working with Jesmonite for over 2 years, working with clients from across the globe to create handcrafted, sustainably-made, terrazzo accessories

My work has been featured in magazines and podcasts and my water-filter design has been featured by Jesmonite themselves


You will learn:-

  • What Jesmonite is made from

  • The process of working with Jesmonite to create terrazzo designs

  • What tools and materials you will need to work with Jesmonite

  • How to mix pigments with Jesmonite to create your own colours

  • How to sand Jesmonite

  • How to seal Jesmonite

  • Tips for continuing your work with Jesmonite and crafting sustainably

  • Plus additional tips, tricks and best practices


I have condensed all my knowledge of working with Jesmonite into a beginner-friendly, easy-to-follow tutorial course by Domestika. I demonstrate a step-by-step of my entire process, including top tips from my mixing ratios to my colour pigment recipes

Are you ready to start your own terrazzo journey?


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